Members of Advisory Committee

TESS Members

  • Dimitris Lagoudas,
    Deputy Director, TESS
  • Mark Weichold,
    Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, College of Engineering
  • Andreas Polycarpou,
    Head of Department, Mechanical Engineering, Texas A&M University
  • Eyad Masad,
    Executive Director for Global Partnerships, TEES
  • Satish Bukkapatnam,
    Co-Director of TEES-ENSAM Cluster

ENSAM Members

  • Ivan Iodanoff,
    Deputy Director, Research and Innovation, ENSAM
  • Philippe Collot,
    Director, ENSAM, Aix Campus
  • Xavier Kestelyn,
    Director General Adjoint for Academic Affairs, ENSAM
  • Audrey Stewart,
    Internationand European Development Director, ENSAM
  • Mohamed EL Mansori,
    Co-Director of TEES-ENSAM Cluster

Goal of the partnership

AM² wishes to collaborate with industrial partners in the fields of smart manufacturing and materials, infused with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data science for Industry 4.0.

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