AM² Transatlantic Partnership


Arts et Métiers Institute of Technology and Texas A&M, two top engineering institutions, have teamed up after over 20 years of collaboration in the area of advanced manufacturing and material science, to establish the AM² transatlantic partnership. It aims to effect change to a global manufacturing industry through extensive research collaborations, education programs, and mutual faculty and student exchange initiatives.

Texas A&M is a tier-one research institution and among the top ten engineering programs in the US. It has one of the largest manufacturing faculty with over 35 faculty members, addressing broad and impact research and education themes.

Arts et Métiers is one of the long serving engineering and reputed engineering programs in France. Its campus in Aix en Provence excels in research on the mechanics of advanced manufacturing processes.

The two institutions have been working together for the past 20 years in different activities and In 2017, the they joined to establish the “AM2” transatlantic partnership to address the key industry challenges in the emerging industry 4.0 (the 4th industrial revolution).

This initiative is co-led by Professor Satish Bukkapatnam of Texas A&M University and TEES Institute for Manufacturing Systems, and Professor Mohamed El Mansori of Arts et Métiers.

2017 memorandum of agreement signing
2017 - Memorandum of agreement signing
Satish Bukkapatnam - Mohamed El Mansori
Mohamed El Mansori - Satish Bukkapatnam

Texas A&M and Arts et Métiers institutions have a strong track record for faculty-led research collaborations. During the past decade, significant synergies in education and research have emerged, especially in the area of advanced manufacturing and materials. For example, a three-year long collaboration underway between Prof. Bukkapatnam and Prof. El Mansori has focused on the smart manufacturing of natural fiber composite components as sustainable product alternatives for the automotive industry, 3-D printing of functionally graded alloys, smart in situ imaging of defects and anomalies. This research aligns with the key thrust of industry 4.0 to harness large amounts of data emanating from the deployment of sensors and computational models (e.g., digital twins) for effective process control and discoveries. Their efforts have led to 10 manuscripts (eight published) during the past 15 months, just in this area.

3-D printing

They have jointly mentored a post-doctoral associate, two recently hired faculty members at ENSAM, three graduate students (two each from TEES/TAMU and ENSAM), and one US undergraduate student. These early career faculty members at ENSAM will work with the international mentor and the PIs in advising the selected students. As part of the AM2 partnership led by TAMU/TEES and ENSAM research collaborations and a consortium plan with Henri Fabre Technocenter and the industry has been initiated. Two workshops have been organized and the third would be held during Oct 17-18, 2019 to forge a consortium with key industry groups, all focused on the theme of smart manufacturing and AI for Industry 4.0. This topic as well the relevant strengths of TAMU/TEES and ENSAM are of immense strategic interest to both France and the US, as well as the global industry. The participating industry groups include Airbus, STIL, Essilor, Siemens, ExOne, Satisloh, CEA, Sateco.

During Spring 2020, Dr. Bukkapatnam spent the spring semester of 2020 in ENSAM as the Fulbright-Tocqueville distinguished chair, promoting collaborations in proposed theme of smart manufacturing and AI for Industry 4.0 under the aegis of AM2 partnership.

Consortium workshop Texas
2019 - Consortium Workshop - Texas

On the education side, as the two institutions prepare the next generation of engineer leaders, many different programs have been established. In 2015, Arts et Métiers and TAMU entered into a Memorandum of Agreement (“MoA”) that includes student exchange programs for academic collaborations, student research internships, and collaborative degrees. Under this agreement over 100 students have been exchanged including 75 TAMU students on a faculty led study abroad program (during 2018 & 2019), and one research experience undergraduate (REU) intern who spent 8 weeks as part of AM2 research collaboration at ENSAM and Henri Fabre.

Ceremony Moment
Ceremony Moment

Goal of the partnership

AM² wishes to collaborate with industrial partners in the fields of smart manufacturing and materials, infused with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data science for Industry 4.0.

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